Eat Smart Workbook

Eat Smart Workbook

The Eat Smart Workbook provides suggestions for individual and group activities to help employees eat healthy. Examples of supportive worksite policies and environments are also included. This workbook also contains a variety of additional resources such as one-page handouts, informational posters and signs and a listing of national resources.

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Additional Resources

Appendix A: Brown Bag Day Poster
Appendix B: Posters
Appendix C: Motivational Quotes
Appendix D: A Lot of Nutrition in a Little Brown Bag
Appendix E: Recipes
Appendix F: Tasty Tips for Eating Smart at Work Poster
Appendix G: Fast Food Survival Guide
Appendix H: Guidelines for Healthy Foods and Beverages at Meetings
Appendix I: Sample Healthy Foods Policy
Appendix J: Snacks and Drinks
Appendix K: Bring Fresh Produce to Your Setting



Motivational Quotes