National Breastfeeding Month 2018

Breastfeeding-friendly worksites are a win-win for employers and families. Join us during the month of August to support breastfeeding accommodations for working moms! The North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition (NCBC) recognizes employers that provide supportive accommodations for breastfeeding moms in the workplace. Apply here for the NCBC Breastfeeding-Friendly Award.

Resources for Worksites

These webinar recordings were developed by the NC Division of Public Health, Robeson County Health Department and Cathy Carothers from Every Mother, Inc. You will need to download Adobe Connect to view the recordings.

Assisting and Empowering New Mothers — This webinar provides guidance to employers on how to support and empower moms that choose to breastfeed their babies after returning to work.

Engaging and Assisting Employers — This webinar recording provides guidance on how to engage employers in breastfeeding-friendly initiatives and demonstrates various accommodations that can be made in the worksite to support nursing moms.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Worksites — These presentation slides (for use by practitioners assisting worksites) provide ideas on what employers can do to provide breastfeeding accommodations for working moms.

Federal Labor Standards Act: Section 7 — This federal law requires employers to provide break time and a place for most hourly wage-earning and some salaried employees (nonexempt workers) to express breast milk at work.

Lactation Support: Benefits for Employers — This handout introduces the benefits of breastfeeding-friendly environments and ways that worksites can support breastfeeding moms.

How have you made your worksite breastfeeding friendly? Share Your Story.

For more ideas on how worksites can support breastfeeding moms, click here.

Resources for Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding: Returning to Work — This two-pager from the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition provides practical tips, including a checklist and typical schedule, to help the breastfeeding mom prepare for her return to work.

Breastfeeding: What to Know, What to Ask — This one-pager from Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina shares basic information about breastfeeding and/or pumping at work.

Are you a working mom in search of a breastfeeding-friendly child care program? Find a location near you today! Learn more about the NC Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Designation HERE.