The Diabetes section includes questions that determine what screening or assessment services, education programs, counseling, follow-up monitoring or self-management services and health insurance coverage are available to employees in the workplace.

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During the past 12 months, did your worksite:

88. Provide free or subsidized prediabetes and diabetes risk factor assessment (beyond self-report) and feedback, followed by blood glucose screening and/or clinical referral when appropriate?

Free Risk Test for Prediabetes

Free Risk Test for Diabetes

To learn about potential partners to set up screening, contact April.Reese@dhhs.nc.gov

Diabetes at Work

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)

89. Provide brochures, videos, posters, pamphlets, newsletters, or other written or online information that address the risks of diabetes?

Diabetes at Work

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)


90. Provide a series of educational seminars, workshops, or classes on preventing and controlling diabetes?

NC DAAS- Living Healthy with Diabetes

Diabetes at Work: Lesson Plans

91. Provide one-on-one or group lifestyle counseling and follow-up monitoring for employees who have abnormal blood glucose levels (prediabetes or diabetes)?


92. Provide free or subsidized self-management programs for diabetes control?

Cover a Diabetes Prevention Program as a Health Benefit


93. Provide health insurance coverage with no or low out-of-pocket costs for diabetes medications and supplies for diabetes management (glucose test strips, needles, monitoring kits)?

North Carolina Assistance Programs